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Career Coaching Services

Are you considering–or already making–a change in your life or work?

Perhaps you’re feeling unsatisfied or stuck in some area of your life or work and unsure how to get moving. Maybe you’re ready to change your job, start a new career, launch your business, or really hit your stride and achieve great things. Or you may be facing a big transition, unsure of just what you want to come next, but you know you want to figure it out and get going.

Whatever the transition, goal, or challenge, we can work together to figure it out–and to get it done.

In my years as a coach and consultant, I’ve developed a very effective, evidence-based approach that allows me to help my clients to successfully navigate challenging transitions, achieve big goals, and make real, practical, positive changes in their lives and work. And most of my clients make substantial progress a lot faster than they expect!

I’d love to put my expertise to work for you.

I’ve included a general outline of my approach below. If you decide you’d like to work together, we’ll develop a fully customized plan that focuses on those areas most important to you, in ways that are the best possible fit for your goals, motivations, strengths, challenges, and time frame.

My 3 Step Approach

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Step One: Assessment, Options, and Goals

First, we’ll take some time to help you clarify what you want out of the next stage of your life, work, or business, and we’ll use that clarity to set concrete goals. This is generally a very enjoyable experience that produces new insights, expanded options, and clear goals to guide our work together.

Step Two: Strengths and Resources

Next, we’ll explore how you can best use your strengths, experiences, and resources to get to where you want to go. During this phase, we may discover untapped strengths, unrealized resources, and a greater appreciation of all that you have available to help you on your journey. We’ll also work on any internal and/or external obstacles standing in the way of your progress.

Step Three: Making it Happen

And then we’ll do what matters most–we’ll develop and implement a practical plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to go. We’ll figure out what it will take, work together on anything standing in your way, map out the path, and do whatever it takes for you to achieve your goals and make lasting positive changes in your life and work.

Does that sound like what you need?

Well, here’s the GOOD news. With my proven approach, combined with my years of experience as both an entrepreneur and a coach, I’m able to help my clients to achieve their goals surprisingly quickly–usually in as few as 4 to 6 sessions. So why wait? You can schedule your complimentary consultation today.


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